Your value is in the questions you ask

You, as a sales professional, bring value to your prospect by the questions you ask. Twenty years ago, it was the information you were able to provide but that is not true any longer. They can get most of that online or in the cloud. Some say it is the expertise that you bring. But the real value you bring is in the questions you are able to ask that make the prospect think. If you can draw on you knowledge and experience to ask questions that bring a different perspective or challenge the traditional thinking or shed a new light on the problem, then you demonstrate real value to the prospect. You become a resource to the prospect that they can go to when they are stuck or when they want to be sure they have “thought of everything”. If you can ask those kinds of questions, then you will have a conversation with the prospect that your competitors never have. That in itself will distinguish you from the competition more than any information you can impart. If you can draw on your knowledge to ask the good hard tough questions then you will have the conversation with the prospect that they need to have and that will demonstrate your value put you ahead of the competition.

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