You don’t have to quote

Salespeople waste a lot of time quoting to prospects who have not earned the right to have a quote. Just because they ask you to quote does not mean that you have to quote. The prospect must qualify to get one. They qualify by explaining to you in some detail the compelling reason they have for buying your product. They must have told you they have the money and you discussed the amount in some detail. Then they must play some part in the decision process, preferably in decision making capacity of some sort. And lastly they must have agreed to make a decision upon delivery of the quote or very soon thereafter. Sometimes the easiest way to get a salesperson out of their office and end the sales call is to ask for a quote. If that happens to you it is perfectly ok to say “no” (politely). Most of the time you will say something like “I would be more than happy to, but I just have a few more questions”. If you spend more time qualifying (and disqualifying) you will spend less time writing quotes leaving more time for more lucrative or leisure activities … your choice.

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