When interviewing look below surface

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Success in sales has a lot to do with the self-limiting beliefs of the salesperson. These beliefs can make it difficult if not impossible for salespeople to execute sales techniques they “know” how to use. For example, if a salesperson believes that it is not OK to talk about money on the first sales call, then even though they are skilled in the art of uncovering budget they will not use the techniques due to their self-limiting belief. However, most sales managers focus on background, presence, product knowledge, how they dress, experience, etc. and ignore the issue of self-limiting beliefs. There are many self-limiting beliefs that salespeople have such as “I have to call on the purchasing agent”, “I need the prospect to like me”, “It’s ok if my prospect thinks it over”, etc. The problem for the hiring manager is that these self-limiting beliefs are not evident in the interview. You have to know what you are looking for and be a skilled interviewer to uncover them. Sales managers need to dig deeper on interviews to uncover the self-limiting beliefs of the salespeople. Alternatively, you can use an assessment specifically designed to identify self-limiting beliefs and the hidden weaknesses such as the Objective Management Sales Candidate assessment.

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