Updates are not coaching

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One of the primary functions of the sales manager is to coach the salespeople. However, most sales managers are severely lacking in coaching skills. One of the biggest mistakes is substituting status updates for coaching. The coaching session degenerates into a pipeline review with little to no coaching involved. Status reviews give answers to questions like: “what is the next step”, “when will it close”, “what changed since the last ‘coaching’ session”, etc. This is all valuable information for the sales manager to know, but it is not coaching. The Sales manager should be able to get all that information from the CRM if the salesperson is keeping it up to date. Coaching, on the other hand, involves debriefing what happened on the last call and providing input on what could have been done better or reinforcement of what was done right. It involves understanding the salesperson’s mindset for the call and correcting it if it was not supporting the desired outcome. The sales manager should provide guidance for upcoming calls and advice on what the salesperson could be doing better. This venue does not allow for a complete description of what to coach on and how to provide the coaching. But stop turning your coaching time into status updates and pipeline reviews. Pipeline review and coaching are two separate things.

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