Track Pipeline Movement

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You must track pipeline movement to get a true picture of the effectiveness of your sales team. Most sales managers look at their pipeline regularly. However, what they usually look at is a snapshot of what the pipeline looks like at a given point in time. This is valuable information. But it is not enough. To get a true picture, you must track the movement of the pipeline. How do the deals move through the pipeline? How long does it take? Where are deals stalling. If you don’t track the movement through the pipeline you will run the risk of a false sense of security. Yes, you have a $50 million pipeline but how has the average sales cycle changed over the past month. What is the average sales cycle of the deals in the pipeline now projected to be? Answers to these questions are critical to understanding changes in the performance of the salespeople. If deals are slowing down, that foreshadows difficulty meeting numbers in future quarters and action can be taken to mitigate the problem, but only if you track movement in the pipeline.

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