Questions are Situational

Questions are the tools of the trade for salespeople. But top salespeople do not show up to sales calls with a preplanned list of questions ready to ask. The sales call should be a conversation in which the salesperson unobtrusively steers the conversation in a way that all of his or her questions get answered. All the while the prospect should feel like he was controlling the conversation. There are two problems if you come to the sales call with a preplanned list of questions. The first problem is that you will be more focused on your questions than what the prospect is saying, and you will miss important cues the prospect gives you. The second problem is that the questions inevitably will not fit the situation. You will look a lot like a person with a hammer looking for a nail to hit. What you should do instead is to prepare a list of the information you need to find out. Then, steer the conversation in that direction. The exact format of the question will form itself in your head at the appropriate time and will be more natural sounding to the prospect. Trust in your ability to find the right words if you get to the right place. Then, concentrate on getting the conversation to the right place.

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