Measure more than the bottom line

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Everyone measures the bottom line. Sales managers typically know where they stand at all times relative to the sales goals that were set. However, that is not enough to get a true picture of the effectiveness of the sales team. Sales managers need to track activity at the top end of the funnel. How many attempts (dials or walk-ins) are the sales team members making and what percentage of them lead to a meaningful sales conversation? How many face-to-face or phone meetings are they having on a weekly basis? How many of them lead to a qualified prospect? Effective sales managers know exactly what activity is taking place at the top end of the funnel. And, they know the conversion ratios. Any change in the level of activity or conversion ratios at the top end of the funnel is cause for further investigation and possible intervention by the sales manager. Activity at the top end of the funnel can be an early warning to increased sales in the future or impending doom. Sales managers ignore this data at their own peril.

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