Don’t confuse with interaction/engagement with bonding/connections

There is a difference between interacting with a prospect and engaging with a prospect. When you interact, you are essentially at a superficial level with whomever you are interacting with. It is an exchange of information, but no true bond is created. On a sales call this would involve getting the basic information you would need to provide a quote or proposal. You ask a question; they give an answer. It can be cordial or even friendly. But there is not true deep understanding. The skilled salesperson, however, goes further and creates a bond with the prospect. This occurs when the salesperson asks good hard and tough questions that demonstrate that he or she understands the prospects problem and its consequences at a deep level. The prospect comes to understand that the salesperson “gets” where the prospect is coming from. Likewise, the salesperson senses that the prospect knows the salesperson has gotten to the heart of the matter. In short, both parties see (know intuitively) that the other “gets it or has a deep appreciation for the other. When this happens, engagement has been achieved. There is now a bond between the prospect and salesperson. It does not have to do with friendliness. It is about the mutual understanding that is important. That not happen in a superficial interaction not matter how friendly it is.

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