Don’t Ask Leading Questions

Asking a leading question can lead you, the questioner, right into a dead end. Any question whose intent is obvious to the prospect can bring the conversation to a place where the pressure is back on you. For example, if you ask, “are you happy with your current supplier?”. The prospect can see immediately that if they say “no” to that question, it gives you an advantage. So, they will always say “yes, we are happy”. You then have to take up another line of questioning. That line is at a dead end prompted by the way you asked the question. Prospects do not want to be led into a trap, so choose your questions carefully. In fact, in this case, you are better off making a statement. You could say “I assume you are happy with your current supplier”. Now the prospect can agree with you and you can move on to another topic or they can disagree with your statement (prospects generally like to disagree with salespeople, It is their instinct). In this case it feels safer to the prospect to admit they are not 100% happy and you can take the conversation from there.

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