Corona Virus One tactic to use in this environment

With many businesses shut down you may be hearing prospects tell you they can’t do anything until the shut down is over. When you hear that the best thing to do is to acknowledge that you understand and that it makes perfect sense … because it does. This is not an objection … its the reality of the times. But don’t stop there. Follow that up with the follow question “So Mary, let’s say the pandemic is over and you are back to work, what would be the next step”. This will move the discussion past the problem and let you start dealing with the issues that will come up in two months when they are back to work. The discussion can proceed to changes in the budget for the project, changes to the priority or the decision process, etc. You should end the conversation with a commitment form them when it is ok for you to follow up. This will put you at the head of the line (compared to your competitors) when things loosen up and will keep your pipeline updated and your forecasts accurate in the meantime. Always remember, however, to be respectful of the situation the prospect is in both professionally and personally.

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