Corona Virus – Be Human

Every marketing email I get these days has some statement like “I hope you are doing well and staying safe during the corona virus pandemic”. This is immediately followed up with some sales pitch or other. I am fairly sure their well wishes were less than sincere. There are obvious issues with expressing concern in an email because there is no tonality which would contain most of the empathy you are trying to convey. But these emails illustrate the point I want to make here. In these times of crisis, when people have many personal concerns about their safety and their family and their job, etc. you need to express your humanity more. Don’t just call someone and launch into your “business as usual” sales persona. Connect with your prospect on a human level by asking about how they are weathering the crisis. AND MEAN IT. You have to be authentic. If they relate some major issues they are going through, that is probably not the best time to try to get them to make a decision or too try to push your agenda. You are better off saying something like “sounds like that project is on hold for a while” and agree to check back in a few weeks when things settle down. Stay in touch but make sure to connect on a human level. This is not a sales technique it is just the right thing to do and you have to be sincere.

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