Change the paradigm of the sales call

Salespeople spend a lot of time trying to qualify to do business with important prospects. The problem with that approach is that it gives all the power in the new relationship to the prospect. You or your company have years of experience delivering great results for your clients. You need to believe that you are qualified to do business with that prospect. The real question is “are they qualified to do business with you”. In other words, you must determine whether it is worth your time and effort to pursue this prospect. They are not worth the time and effort (and money) if they do not have a compelling reason to buy what you are selling. And even if they are going to buy, the next question is do they have enough money to buy from you. Then they must be willing and able to make a decision to purchase your solution. It is ideal if they are focused on you and if you have a great relationship with the prospect, but without the first three elements they do not qualify to earn any of your precious time and effort.

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