Can your salespeople execute the sales techniques

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CEO’s and Sales managers know well that there is a difference between what sales tactics a salesperson knows how to execute and one which his or her sales DNA will let them execute. It is a little like stage fright. We have all seen examples of stage fright. Actors who prepare, know their lines and execute flawlessly in rehearsals but freeze up when in front of the audience. Many salespeople suffer from the same problem. In training they know all the moves. They know what to say in every situation presented in training. But when they get in front of a prospect they fail to execute. Why, you may ask, does this happen? It is a simple explanation. Only 26% of salespeople have the sales DNA to be effective salespeople. Your self-limiting beliefs are what make up your sales DNA. So just like I was not gifted with the right physical DNA to be able to dunk a basketball, most salespeople do not have the right sales DNA to execute under the pressure of a sales call. If you manage a sales team follow the link below and find out where your team ranks in all 21 core competencies of effective salespeople. It won’t cost you anything to see where you rank.

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