You are what you believe you are

If you believe you can, or you believe you can’t … you are more than likely correct. To increase your chance of success, change your belief about what is possible, then do the work to achieve the goal. Here is a sample of beliefs you can change:
• Believe you can and should call on the CEO and you will be more likely to be successful when you do it
• Believe you are worth 25% more than you are currently charging, and you will get it when you ask for it
• Believe you can close bigger deals and you will act differently when bigger deals show up in your pipeline
• Believe you are worthy of bigger deals and more of them will come your way (you must look for them of course)
• Believe that people should trust you and they will (you must act in a trustworthy manner of course)
The list is endless, but you get the idea. There are physical limitations to this process ( you can’t believe your way to being 6 inches taller) but there are no emotional limitations.

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