Who’s your ideal prospect, who’s your undesirable prospect

Sometimes looking for a new ideal client is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Imagine how hard it would be to find a needle in a haystack if you had no idea what a needle looked like. It would be an impossible task. Yet that is what the average salesperson does every day when they fail to have a clear idea of what their ideal prospect looks like. To make prospecting easier you need to describe who your ideal or target prospect is. It is not everyone who is in the market to buy what you are selling. Do you need to talk to the CEO or the Marketing manager? Are $50,000,000 companies or $5,000,000 companies in your sweet spot? What are the problems you are most likely to be successful at solving? Is there a particular geography that you are targeting? It is important to identify the target both for yourself and so that you can easily describe the target client to referral sources. This will make your referral sources more effective at finding you the right people to refer you to. And it will make your prospecting easier when you know what you are aiming at. It is equally important to identify what you are not aiming at. In other words, what does my undesirable client look like? For instance, you might decide that it no longer makes sense to deal with companies with under 40 employees. Or maybe you will no longer seek business in New Jersey due to a new regulation. Know who you are looking for and (not looking for) will make your sales life a whole lot more fun and much more profitable.

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