What is an “A” player

What is an “A” player? Turnover in sales is very high and I would venture to guess that most employers think they are getting an “A” player when they do the interview. A winner in sales must have the right sales DNA. While physical DNA defines things like height, strength, quickness, etc. Sales DNA defines your ability to talk about money, deal with rejection, etc. While physical DNA is obvious at first glance the problem with sales DNA is that it is not obvious even in an in-depth interview because the elements of the Sales DNA are more emotional than physical. An “A” player in sales is rejection proof, can talk about money easily, controls his or her emotions, has a supportive buying style, does not get emotionally involved in the sales process and has very few self-limiting beliefs. In addition to a strong sales DNA an effective salesperson has exceptional sales skills. knowing what sales skills is a little easier since some of them are on display in the interview. However, there are many that are unknowable in an interview. How are they at cold calling? Do they get to the decision maker? Can they close? The best way to find out is to use an assessment.

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