Understand the environment your prospect lives in

The prospect’s environment will affect how the prospect will react to an issue or a problem and hence be an important factor in understanding the pain and the compelling reason to buy. I had a car one time that was getting old. It still had useful life but maybe only about 2 to 3 more years. It was a VW bug. It broke down from time to time but nothing major. My wife drove it 10 miles to work every day. The issues with the car were not enough to make me do anything about buying a new car. Then one day the battery died while I was out running an errand. I bought a new car within a week. Why did I do that? The car still had useful life. To the casual observer nothing much had changed. A battery is not a major expense and a new one made the car more reliable. The answer is that my environment changed. About 6 weeks prior to the battery dying, we discovered that my wife was pregnant with our first (and as it turned out only) child. That changed how I reacted to a problem. Six weeks prior I would have viewed the dead battery as an isolated incident which Marie could have handled as well as I did. Now I viewed it as indicative of problems that could occur with Marie and a baby in the car and I could just see them stranded somewhere. Since my environment changed, how I reacted changed, and my motivation to buy changed. This will be true in every case. Understand your prospect’s environment and you will understand better how and why they will react (the pain) to the situation you are discussing.

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