Understand the Context

The context the problem exists in may change your perspective both on the true pain that the prospect is experiencing and on your approach to the solution. If my prospect is having issues with production and throughput in the factory, that is one level of problem. But consider the same problem in the context of the owner of the company getting ready to retire and it shines a different light on the problem and whether there might or might not be an incentive to address the problem. Or imagine that the company has just been bought by a much larger firm. Will they shut this plant down or invest in upgrading? Why did they buy the firm? Was it for the customer list or the manufacturing capacity? Each would have different implications on the approach to dealing with the throughput problem. So, you can see that knowing the problem and what you think is the pain is not enough. Unless you understand the context the problem exists in, you will never truly understand either what the compelling reason to buy is or what the approach to the solution should be.

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