Role Play With Your Salespeople

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Role playing is one of the best ways to train your salespeople. When you role play with your salespeople, you should play the part of the salesperson and let the salesperson play the part of the prospect. There are 3 reasons for this. The first is that the salesperson will expose for you his or her self-limiting beliefs in the role play. They will also show you what obstacles they anticipate happening on the sales call. When you know what obstacles they are anticipating, you can demonstrate the proper way to handle the objection or the obstacle. You can also condition their mindset (i.e. give them an empowering mindset which is the opposite of the self-limiting belief). That is the second and probably the most important reason for role-playing. Salespeople will role-play the worst prospect you are ever likely to see so that gives us the third reason for role-playing. It will sharpen your own sales skills. You will get to practice against the worst objections you will ever hear.

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