Raise your expectations

To raise performance raise expectations. The expectation has to be reasonable, but you should raise it above where it is right now. In many cases sales managers and CEO’s have low expectations without even realizing it. They Say “well, Joe is young. It is not reasonable for him to sell large deals”. It may not even be stated, but just assumed. Your children will live up (or down) to your expectations. Salespeople are no different. Set reasonable standards and expect them to reach them. This would apply to following the sales process, asking certain questions, updating the CRM, etc. Set the standard. Expect them to reach the standard. Don’t let them make excuses. Coach them when they fall short. Raise your expectations over time and watch performance improve. It works with children. (Expect more from a 15-year-old than you do from a 7-year-old.) It works the same way with salespeople.

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