Kick start next year this month

The best time to kick start next year is December of this year. This month most salespeople are either struggling to hit their number for this year or coasting to the end of the year. Then the holidays hit, and the next thing they know it is January 2nd . Then they get started setting goals and trying to figure out how to hit this year’s number. Before they know it, February is here and 8.3% of the year and one third of the first quarter are gone. The best way to fast track next year is to get started now. Set your goals for next year and get yourself committed to achieving them. Develop your sales activity plan. Review your wins and losses from this year and compile your list of lessons learned and adjust your approach accordingly. If you do all of this before you shut it down for the holidays, you will be ready to jump right in when the calendar flips over and the new year starts. You can start making progress toward achieving your goals on January 2nd instead of February 1st. You will be way ahead of your competition and you will not be playing catch up all year. Make an early new year’s resolution “Next year starts NOW!”

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