Have a Sales Process

Chef’s have a process to make delicious meals. They use it every time. Engineers have a design process. They use it every time. Airline pilots have a system for pre-flight checklist. They use every time or people may die. Salespeople, on the other hand, most often wing it on sales calls. A sales process does not have to be as rigid as a pre-flight check list, but it needs to be a flexible milestone centric staged set of steps you go thru on every sales call. I laugh when a salesperson tells me “I used the selling process on this call”. I have to wonder why she picked this call to use it on and why not others? It would be like combat fighter pilot saying, “I think I will take my parachute on this mission.” Top salespeople have a sales process and they use it on every call. At all times they know where they are in the sales process whether it is a one call close situation or a long cycle complex sale. If you don’t have a selling process call me and I will give you access to my online training class free for two weeks and you can learn one. If you have one. Use it … especially if I taught it to you.

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