Expect to get an Answer

Often, you get what you expect to get. Getting an answer to your questions involves more than just asking it correctly. Communication involves more than just the words you say or the order in which you say them. Tonality and body language convey much more meaning than the words themselves. Your mother always told you it is not what you said but it how you said it that mattered most. To increase your odds of getting an answer to tough questions you ask, you must expect to get an answer to the question. If you ask with the expectation that they will answer, your tonality and body language will reinforce your words and the prospect will most likely answer. But if you ask a question with the belief that they will not want to give you an answer, or, even worse, that they shouldn’t answer, they most likely will not answer. So, convince yourself first that the prospect should answer and then ask the question. Asking without that belief is most often a waste of breath.

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