Excuse Making Prevents Growth

Growth of a salesperson as measured by sales effectiveness and an increase in revenue is dependent on many factors. Among those factors are motivation, an effective sales process, interpersonal skills, and belief systems that the sales person possesses. However, a trait often overlooked is personal responsibility. Or, said another way, the tendency to make excuses prevents you from growing as a salesperson. Here is a quote from Colleen Francis in her engage selling blog.

Now, there is obviously a mixture of key strengths an ideal salesperson should possess, but one that stands out for me is personal responsibility.

A salesperson is simply not prepared to reach their maximum potential until they take responsibility for their wins, losses, and their development as a sales professional.


When a person makes excuses for lack of results what they are actually saying to themselves (though they may not realize it) is “I don’t have to change. I just have wait for the world to change and then my results will be better.” Personal responsibility is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for growth. If I do take responsibility but don’t commit to discovering what is causing the failure and then further commit to changing it I will remain stagnant.

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