Don’t let what you think you know …

Don’t let what you think you know get in the way of what you need to find out. Long experience in an industry or with a product can work against you sometimes. If you have been around for a while you think you have heard it all. You the prospect starts to tell you the problem or challenge they are facing, and you immediately think “OK I know their problem, I know where this is going”, and you stop listening and start thinking of how you are going to move the sales process forward. You may have seen this problem before, but what you need to find out is how this problem is affecting this prospect from his perspective, not yours or your last customer’s. Salespeople must have the humility to truly listen to the prospect and appreciate that, although the problem may look the same as other similar situations faced in the past, this prospect’s situation and how this prospect views the problem is most likely different. Don’t problem solve while they are talking, don’t interrupt the flow of information they are giving you. Do probe a little deeper and you will uncover the nuances that exist in this situation. Bonding between you and the prospect will increase which will lead them to open up and give you more detail about the issue. You will have a better understanding of the compelling reason to buy and you just may have learned the bit of intelligence that will give you the inside track on closing this deal.

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