Close for the decision the prospect can make

I don’t believe in that sales axiom “always be closing”. That strategy annoys the prospect and , makes them want to avoid you. However, I do believe that every prospect in virtually every meeting is closeable. You may not be able to get the prospect to buy or to give you a purchase order at every meeting, but you can get a decision at every meeting. Sometimes you close for the next meeting, sometimes you close for the ability to keep them on your marketing list, sometimes you close to get taken to the boss, and sometimes you close to get the prospect to recommend your product even though you can’t get to see the boss or the committee. There are many other variations. All you have to do is get the prospect to tell you what the decision process is and what he or she is both willing and able to make. The key is that they must be both willing and able to make a decision. No matter how small the next step is, close for that and you will keep the process moving. A small step forward is preferable to leaving and waiting for something to happen at some future date. So, how do you know what the prospect is both willing and able to make? You just ask. It’s that simple but many salespeople don’t do it.

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