Best question to ask at a Networking Meeting

The best way to break the ice with a new contact at a networking meeting is to ask a question. But what question should you ask? It becomes obvious when you understand two facts. The first is that most people go to networking meetings to meet new people and they struggle with how to break the ice. The second fact you have to know is that most people are me-centered in their approach. That is, they come to the meeting hoping to tell their story to someone in hopes of attracting some interest. Knowing those two facts makes it is obvious that the best question to ask is “So George, what do you do?” When you ask them that gives your new contact a chance to talk about themselves, their favorite subject. You will have earned some gratitude from them and the new relationship is off to a good start. As you listen to them talk you can be listening for some pain that they might have and that will lead you to more questions and you will either quickly determine that they are worthwhile pursuing or not. And when it is your turn to talk, you can focus on the areas of need that they have exposed.

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